Our Marketing Strategies

Your goals are our goals. If you aren’t getting the number of leads that your company needs then let’s work together to change that.

We provide you everything your company needs to succeed online. Your website is an asset that needs to be effective and high converting. Your organic and paid traffic efforts need to be optimized and in sync. Let’s join forces to guide all potential customers in your specific area that need your services into your lead funnel.

High Converting Website Strategy

Let us design for you a super fast, super secure, high converting, SEO friendly, lead generation machine of a website.

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Google Ads Strategy

Place yourself above the competition with our intricate Google Ads algorithm. We optimize your marketing dollars for lead conversions instead of wasting your money on useless clicks that go nowhere.

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Facebook & Instagram Strategy

Brand awareness is key to the success of any business. We create Facebook and Instagram ads designed specifically for your business to build your brand." With your newly created ads we then assemble hyper-optimized campaigns to run in your local cities.

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Google Maps Strategy

There are TONS of local listing sites out there like Yelp, Bing, and Google Maps. It is vital to the health of your SEO to make sure each and every one has the information for your business. Let us take care of that.

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Google Reviews Strategy

Google reviews are the heartbeat of the internet. This strategy is a Google-approved method of getting more of those coveted 5-star reviews.

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SEO Growth Strategy

Unlock the true power of organic search by letting us use our set of advanced SEO techniques to bring your business to the top of the competition.

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Annual Contracts


No, our good work is our contract


Email me and I might get to it in a month

You have my cell phone number

Custom Service

Cookie-cutter service

Customized to your business

Monthly Reports

Useless Numbers (Impressions)

Result Oriented Data (Client Acquisition Cost)

Website Strategy

Slow, cookie-cutter, wordpress sandwich

Fast, custom, mobile optimized, SEO focused

Google Ads

Cost Per Click Optimized (More clicks - less leads)

Cost Per Lead Optimized (Less clicks - more leads)

Social Media

Ugly waste of money

Pixel retargeting

Google Reviews


Half the work flow required per review

Google Maps


Let's climb to the top of "near me" searches


"Yeah we do SEO..."

"Let us show you what we did this month for your SEO"

Our Story

When I was 16 years old I began working for a landscaping company. I was like any other worker, mowing lawns and weeding gardens. The company I was working for was struggling with company growth due to marketing. The landscaping company had gone from marketing agency to marketing agency looking for a solution to their problems but they all kept creating the same problems such as slow cookie cutter websites, low performance social media posts, high acquisition cost Google Ads, and much more.

Finally, one day, the owner had it with these problems and asked if any of his employees knew how to design a website. All my life I have had the love of tinkering with computers and designing websites. I told the owner that I could build the new site and it was all growth from there.

For the first time in the history of this owner’s business, he had a website built and customized specific to his business. It was custom, fast, accurate, and most importantly, good at converting visitors into leads. Once we had solved the website problem, we then resolved the Google Ads problem. For the first time in the history of this owner’s business, he had effective and optimized Google Ads which resulted in a new average client acquisition cost that was a fraction of what it used to be.

The owner and I took this list of marketing bottlenecks and created a system designed to be the exact opposite of all the marketing problems this company had in the past. Not long after this system was created, word got out. The owner had a friend who also owned a service business and noticed the growth the owner was having. This friend asked, “I love what you are doing with marketing, what marketing company do you use?” “Uh, I am just using some kid that works for me.” That is when I began working part time for the two different companies. Soon after, that friend had a friend, and that friend of a friend had a friend, all asking the same question, “Wow, I love what your company is doing with marketing, what company do you use?”

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The Essentials That All Businesses Should Have


• High Converting Website Strategy
• Google Maps Strategy
• Google Reviews Strategy
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All Silver Strategies PLUS
• Google Ads Strategy
• Facebook Strategy
• Instagram Strategy
• Online Marketing Strategist
• Marketing Reports



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All Gold Strategies PLUS
• SEO Growth Strategy

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